Skin + Bones: Parallel Practices in Fashion and Architecture

2008 — Exhibition Design / Identity / Art Direction

Multistorey was commissioned by Somerset House to design the graphic elements for Skin + Bones, an exhibition investigating and celebrating how fashion and architecture have influenced and informed each other since the 1980s. Our custom drawn typeface explores this idea and echoes the processes, materials and concepts of each industry, the materials of pin-and-thread illustrations being both structural and tactile, hard edged and elegant, precise and fluid.

Due to the dark environment required for the exhibits, internal graphics and labelling would be very hard to read so we kept them to a minimum, providing a 120 page illustrated guide for the visitor to work alongside very simple caption labels. They could then take these away with them for future reference. Alongside the exhibition graphics we designed all the marketing material including invitations, posters, banners and advertisements.